The MPOWIR Virtual Conference honoring Amy Bower will take place October 23-25, 2024. The Virtual Conference aims to further broaden participation and access, while providing high quality mentoring and networking opportunities to women+ (women and underrepresented genders) in the Physical Oceanography community. Offering a virtual professional development conference allows us to ensure all women+ members of the community have access to consistent mentoring, networking, and training benefits that the in-person Pattullo conference offers. In-person and virtual conferences will occur in alternating years. 

The conference focuses on fostering community and belonging as Physical Oceanographers.  Through professional development and networking opportunities, our goal is to provide resources and relationships beyond the bounds of your home institution

The goals of the conference are:

  • To bring early career participants and senior scientists together to share experiences, advice and concerns.
  • To build community networks with peers and senior scientists.
  • To get feedback on your current work and planned career path.
  • To raise awareness of issues confronting early career participants among the senior scientist community.

Approximately 30 early career women+ and 15 senior scientists (all genders) will be invited to attend the conference. With generous support from our agency sponsors, there are no associated costs for participants.